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Welcome to Ondasera!

We understand the complexity you and the other partners in the cemetery and end-of-life ecosystem have to manage.
Based on our cultural familiarity and our deep digital competence we have developed a one-stop online platform so you can streamline your connections, your processes and save valuable time and money.


Here you can try out the SEARCH FUNCTION OF THE ONDASERA APP for yourself!

Cemetery with flowers
  • Easy access to all relevant data

  • Ability to extend customer interactions  and to benefit from long customer relationships 

  • Savings in time & money 

  • Platform architecture open also for 3rd party solutions 

  • Better service & products

  • Access to a common digital archive

We connect 

Digital cemetery, Mobile app views
Digital cemetery, Laptop app views

Designed to streamline manual processes and enhance efficiency, our solutions empower businesses in the cemetery and end-of-life ecosystem to save time, cut costs, and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

Digitalising the End-of-Life Ecosystem

Our Digital Toolbox: Simplifying Cemetery Management

Our platform offers a whole new way to manage cemeteries, with a set of digital tools that seamlessly replace outdated manual processes. Our comprehensive solution makes every task, from selecting graves to scheduling maintenance, efficient and easy to perform.


Smart Cemetery

For the first time, cemetery digitalisation is made easy! 
We bridge between the past and the future, connecting cemetery managers, stonemasons, funeral homes and families.

HERE you can try out the search function of the Ondasera app for yourself!

Welcome to ONDASERA, where digital innovation meets cemetery traditions. ONDASERA was founded by a dedicated team committed to transforming the processes within the End-of-Life -ecosystem.

ONDASERA is more than a digital toolbox; it is a bridge between the past and the future, connecting cemetery managers, stonemasons, undertakers, other stakeholders and families on a new digital platform.

Share with us your ideas, we will implement them! 

Fill your toolbox with digital tools you need

We are constantly developing new features specifically designed to ease the daily work within the end-of-life -ecosystem.

Of course, the entire platform is available in English, German, Finnish and other languages.

Cemetery with sun rays

Map &  grave search 

Navigate and call up all grave details effortlessly through the entire cemetery with the interactive map. For consumers, for stone masons, for undertakers – for your own maintenance workers.

Monument approval

Save time and costs by real-time communication between cemetery, stonemasons, and grave holders. Provides cemetery regulations and guidelines without time loss, efficiently manages your applications, archives data automatically.

Grave reservation

Search for available graves, select, and reserve. Renew existing contracts with minimal customer service intervention.


Grave maintenance

Offer various grave care services online, automate reminders for regular maintenance tasks, like cleaning gravestones and ordering seasonal floral decorations, digitally record and communicate completed and upcoming maintenance tasks, and significantly reduce your administrative workload.


Ask for a Demo

From map to customer service

All the tools you need for the digitisation of your cemetery and processes, to reach out to external partners and customers on a single platform.

Easy Deployment

Our web-based solution needs no installation, no hardware, no licences, no updates, no maintenance – no matter which device you use. We built our tools so you can integrate them seamlessly into your existing processes.

Win customers

Put your cemetery, your business right in front of the customer - reach existing and new clients, put your services in the spotlight. We connect you to your community, your cemetery at the heart of the end-of-life ecosystem.

Reducing administrative workload

Is it hard to find co-workers? Is paper-work dominating your work day? Do you have to search for data sometimes? Ondasera automates the burdensome tasks, puts the data where you need it – to give you time for your important responsibilities.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to expensive software installations and maintenance fees. We offer cost-effective SaaS tools – you pay only when and how much you use them.

Around the clock available

Access our tools anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in the office or out on the cemetery, you are always connected to your cemetery management processes. And your customers, your partners can use the platform day and night.

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